Artistic Vision

This is not dance for dance’s sake, for an audience of dancers, for the little kingdom to which contemporary dance has been relegated.  This is dance for people who are curious, who love architecture, who need beauty, who wish to feel.

We are working to reaffirm certain values that are threatened in our society such as dignity, respect, honour, and commitment.

My dancers have always been individuals, each physically unique, embodying their own character powerfully and clearly, and they have touched people profoundly on every continent.  I honour my role as teacher and have spent my lifetime collaborating in the creation of dance instruments that are open, strong, and true.

It was Martha Graham’s intention to create a universal dance language.  North America has been a new frontier for the world and is peopled by members of every race.  She was influenced by African dance forms and rhythms, by Asian philosophies and their physical disciplines, and she borrowed elements from European theatre dance.  

In my class I acknowledge my inheritance from the artists who have preceded me in Modern Dance, and I trust that in allowing my teaching to be inspired by the great dancers who illuminate my Life’s work, a new dance language will continue to evolve.

Company History


Dancetheatre David Earle was created to promote education and artistic development in the field of modern dance through the performance and teaching of the works and technique of David Earle. The company gave its first performance, in collaboration with the Penderecki String Quartet, at the Elora Music Festival in July of 1997.  Since that time, DtDE has presented more than 50 new works, including commissions for performances with the PSQ, Soundstreams, Rosedale Concerts, the Kitchener-Waterloo  Symphony, NUMUS, Tactus, the Guelph Chamber Choir, and the Gryphon Trio.  The company has performed throughout Ontario, across Canada, and internationally. 

DtDE has also performed in a variety of local venues including the Guelph River Run Centre, Guelph Youth Music Centre, Harcourt United Church, E.L. Fox Auditorium, St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre, and the University of Waterloo Humanities Theatre, in addition to regular Studio Showings at their home base on Quebec Street.

DtDE established their studios in downtown Guelph in 2001, and began to offer professional level classes to advanced and professional dancers as well as community outreach classes for adult beginners and intermediates. 

Through Graham-based modern dance classes at all levels, DtDE is creating cornerstones for a professional level training program, as well as offering the wider community a centre for the study of a range of complimentary classes to open and strengthen both body and spirit.  Classes are led by extremely qualified instructors who are among the pioneers of modern dance in Canada.

Since the summer of 2002, DtDE has hosted their annual Summer Intensive in Guelph, continuing a tradition of summer intensive professional training programs which had been offered by Mr. Earle in Victoria, British Columbia for 15 years prior.  The three-week Guelph Summer Intensive attracts advanced dance students and young professionals from across Canada and Internationally.  The Intensive provides advanced dancers the opportunity for in-depth study in the dance language that David Earle has developed through his 40 years as a teacher and creator.