donatenow2b1.gifdonatenow2e1fr.gif "...Dancing doesn’t get much better than this..."                                       ~Paula Citron, Globe & Mail


Dancetheatre David Earle is an active and vital part of Canada's cultural landscape. The participation and support of a great number of people have contributed to DtDE's prolific history.

In order to maintain this rich cultural treasure and share it with future generations, your support is needed.  The challenge of running a sustainable arts organization in today's cultural climate is championed through the generous and ongoing support of the donors and patrons who are able to contribute their time, energy, and financial assistance to the organization as we continue to pursue our goals.

Mission Statement:

DtDE was created to promote education and artistic development in the field of modern dance through the performance and teaching of the works and technique of David Earle. The mandate of Dancetheatre David Earle is fulfilled through programs and events that engage the four branches of the Artistic Vision: Performance, Education, Legacy, and Community Engagement.   


The presentation of new and existing choreographic works for an audience. 


Developing programs to encourage dance artists to develop their ability to articulate their unique humanism through dance.   

Dancers at Dancetheatre David Earle are challenged and encouraged to embody their own physical uniqueness, expressing their individual character powerfully and clearly.  Dancetheatre David Earle encourages the creation of dance instruments that are open, strong, and true.


The preservation of Repertoire and Dance Language. Developing programs to support the continuing creation and preservation of the Graham-based dance language expressed in David Earle’s repertoire; to not only to acknowledge the inheritance from the artists who have preceded him in Modern Dance but also to preserve Mr. Earle’s own unique dance language.


Developing programs that promote, assist, and encourage audience development.  Develop strong community connection through working partnerships with other artists and organizations with similar values, both locally and within the global dance milieu.


Dancetheatre David Earle is registered as a Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization with Revenue Canada.  All donors will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for their support.